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Parenting and Family Support

Parents are not handed a "how-to" manual when a child enters their life. It can be difficult to know the difference between a developmentally typical behavior and more problematic behaviors. Similarly, individuals do not exist in a bubble. We live within family systems that create layers to work through. Both parenting support coaching and family therapy can provide additional solutions for your family.

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Family with Tablet

It can be difficult to know how to respond to your child’s behaviors and create the change you want to see. Parenting support creates a place for parents to process their own struggles along with learning new skills. This service is offered just for parents or in conjunction with a child in therapy. These sessions often enhance the progress of a child in therapy and allow for a more happy and healthy family.

Family is a significant influence on our lives. Families can shape who we are, beliefs about ourselves, and influence our behaviors. Family systems can also create unproductive roles and patterns that are difficult to break. Family therapy aims to identify those patterns and roles and create a new productive way of responding. A new way of responding allows families to see others in a different light with newer, healthier roles and patterns. Family therapy with young children will incorporate play into the process and allow adults to enter the child’s world. By entering the child’s world, connections are fostered and new patterns are established allowing the child to make changes originally sought by the parents. New skills are learned by the parent to continue identifying unproductive responses to avoid establishing stuck patterns. 

When appropriate we use a specific training model called Child-Parent Relationship Therapy. This treatment modality used to foster a more positive connection between a child and their parent. Therapy is structured through a set program with assignments and tasks to accomplish in therapy. The necessity of this type of therapy will be determined by your therapist.

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