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Kristina Lutz

M.Ed./Ed.S., Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Play Therapist™


Kristina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with specific training in working with children and adolescents. The work she does focuses on offering support for children and their families during difficult times.  

Kristina works in a collaborative nature with her clients and strives to meet them where they are.  She believes children can teach her about their perspectives and the things going on in their world through their way of expressing themselves through play.  She helps children find ways to identify their feelings and express their needs in their own way and then works with people in the child’s life (ex: family and teachers) to help the child continue to express themselves outside of the playroom.  Kristina is inspired by the resilience that children have and feels honored to be able to work with them to identify their strengths and process through different things happening in their world. 

Through Kristina’s education, she has specialties with working with children on school-related issues, and also creating collaborative relationships with families and teachers that can further support the child in different aspects of their life.  She uses creative approaches to help even her older clients better understand and express themselves.  Incorporating playfulness and creativity additionally helps foster the connection between her and her clients as a foundation for trust and allowing more growth to occur in session.  

In her free time, Kristina enjoys taking pictures, spending time with family and friends, and playing board games. She also enjoys expressing herself creatively through craft projects and writing. 



University of Florida

University of Florida

Florida Department of Health

Master of Education and Education Specialist, Counselor Education – Mental Health Counseling

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC, MH21816

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