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Ashley Bobroff

M.A., Registered Mental Health Counselor

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Ashley is a license eligible Mental Health Counselor with specific training in working with young children and adolescents, trauma, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention. In her work, she supports children through difficult life experiences and is honored to be alongside them in their journey. 

In the playroom, Ashley works to build a connection and to learn the child’s story through their play. Children have this amazing way of using their play to reveal parts of their life that may be too difficult to verbalize. When they do communicate verbally, she follows their lead and helps them discover the next steps in their process and is honored to be there to support them. She is in constant awe of the resilience that children have and is honored to work together with them to process the life events that have brought them into therapy. Through play, she establishes trust with her clients and helps them navigate their previous traumas. She values the strong relationship with her clients that leads to their healing.


Ashley has experience working from a trauma-informed lens with children who have been through trauma, suicidal ideation, grief, and neurodivergent children. She tailors her therapy to the individual child and their experience, developmental level, and personality in order to create safety in the relationship.

In her free time, Ashley loves spending time with her friends, family, and dog. She also loves going scuba diving, going to the beach, and sitting around reading.



Northwestern University

University of Florida

Florida Department of Health

Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling

Bachelor of Science, Family Youth & Community Sciences

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern, RMHCI, IMH25607

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