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Katelyn Maynard

Administrative Assistant and Client Care Coordinator


Hi! Katelyn is the one answering all of your calls and emails.

Katelyn is currently pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Spanish at Santa Fe College. She hopes to become a Psychologist and work in research once she completes her education.


Katelyn has over two years of experience working in administrative positions. She handles client communication for the Play and Wellness Center and helps everyone get the best possible service for their needs. Her top priorities are making sure each client has an incredibly positive experience and feels safe and comfortable at our office. 


Katelyn enjoys spending time going on new adventures, learning, or being creative. She likes to get to know people from different cultures and learn their languages, or read a book on whatever sparks her interest at the moment. Katelyn also enjoys finding creative outlets to express herself-- whether through painting or writing music. 


Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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