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Couples Therapy

Relationships can be difficult to navigate. Finding yourself caught in the complexity of your current relationship dynamic can feel very isolating. Yet, experiencing difficulty within relationships is very common and you do not have to go through this alone. We are here to help!

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Common issues couples face are communication challenges, conflict resolution, unmet emotional needs, life transitions, parenting and co-parenting, sexual difficulty, and much more. Couples counseling offers a safe place to address these hard topics and provides the necessary support to move your relationship forward for a healthy future. 


Every phase of a couple’s relationship introduces new dynamics which can cause tension on a relationship. When two people come together, the merging of their worlds can create some unexpected challenges. From there, we experience a variety of life stressors that make it difficult to remain relationally healthy and connected. Both parties play their own unique role in contributing to the present strain on the relationship. Couples counseling aims to uncover some of these roles and attempts to identify unhealthy patterns that get in the way of creating a positive relationship. In an effort to increase relational connection, couples counseling provides the opportunity to discuss and work through unwanted stressors within a relationship with the ultimate goal of finding shared meaning and establishing common ground.


If you're finding yourself stuck and struggling, therapy can give you the support, skills, and structure necessary to meet your relationship goals. We offer a variety of services aimed to meet you where you are at, including premarital counseling, couples therapy, and post divorce counseling. 

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